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new jersey = <3
September 25, 2008, 1:30 pm
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i have two homes. i have my minneapolis apt. and then i have my parent’s house in new jersey. i’m 27 and have been living outside of their house since i’m 18, but i still call my parent’s house “home” more than i do anywhere else i live. in a bunch of ways it is, of course, because they’re here, but in more ways jersey is just home.

i’ve spoken about my love for minneapolis on here before and none of that has changed. it’s my favorite city i’ve lived in since leaving for college in 1999; it’s pretty queer friendly, there’s always lots going on, and it’s city-ish, but not metropolis like nyc (which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the day and what i’m on a hunt for around town). and i feel comfortable in minneapolis, like i’ve grown to know my way around and feel sentimental about certain aspects of it’s architecture or it’s lakes or it’s just general midwestern charm. i swear that when i imitate the accent i do it lovingly.

but even with my love for minneapolis, it will always come second to the whole northern half of the state of new jersey. from new brunswick to the very tip top town of sussex, everything in between is familiar, but in the weirdest of ways. new jersey has a reputation for being crude and trashy and having really obnoxious drivers. it’s the worst parts of us, but it’s also pretty true. from the second i stepped foot into newark airport yesterday, i felt this total shift in myself. within seconds, i was in line to go to the restroom and it was pure chaos, but in the nicest ways that made me smile from ear-to-ear. some lady behind me was singing old school lauryn hill at the top of her lungs, the mom in front of me was spit-washing the face of her daughter and scolding her saying, “whaddya want your grandmother to think we don’t raise you right?!” and some old woman was cursing out the paper towel dispenser for being empty. swoon.

when i was done primping and fixing my (big, hairsprayed) coif, i went to exit past another group of folks waiting in line. some woman with a 3ft. tall doll was blocking the exit, talking to someone several ppl up on the line about how great her doll was (it was frightening, really) and despite my attempts at “excuse me,” just continued to ignore me and talk about how full the doll’s skirt was and how her eyelashes felt like real hair. the last part did me in. i gave the woman the hardest of looks i could muster and blurted out, “really lady?! are you going to stand here all day and block the door because of your doll?! jesus christ!” needless to say she moved.

readers, i know this makes me sound like a total asshole and maybe i am, but jersey rubs off on me in these ways that makes me remember i don’t have to keep everything nicey nice all the time like we do in the land of hot dishes and 10,000 lakes. for some reason, the romance i have with home allows me to see public swearing as delightful and spitting on the sidewalk as almost awww-inducing. seriously, i’m in love with this place and my heart swells when i’m here. oh, minneapolis, i might not come back this time.


mpls is angry today.
September 4, 2008, 8:57 pm
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for those of you who don’t know it, i live in minneapolis. i love it here. it’s usually a friendly, progressive city that moves a little slow at times for my jersey blood, but makes up for it with it’s summer thunderstorms, fried cheese curds, and lakes. i’ve been here nearly four years now as i work on my ph.d. and while i occasionally miss the northern east coast and its very different way of life, i’m happy here.

the last few days in mpls have been angry though…and scary. for those of you trapped under a rock, the republican national convention is in town and while you won’t see a ton about this on your mainstream news channel, it’s really fucking up my home. mere whispers of dissent are, apparently, enough for the cops to bust into your house and arrest you, it seems. there have been a number of houses in the twin cities raided over the past few days for suspected protest activity and “terrorism.” at one point, the local food not bombs group was raided in a search for…bombs.

what’s more is that, at present, there’s a reported 400 people being held in jail right now for protesting and over 100 of them are being held on bogus, inflated charges of terrorism under the patriot act. did you know that it’s against the patriot act to cover your face when demonstrating? that means that any attempt to shield oneself from the onslaught of tear gas and pepper spray used by police is not allowed. mere bandanas = terrorism these days. of the remaining prisoners not yet charged, many are being held past the state’s 36 hour law for being able to detain uncharged persons. reports have come out from other protest groups that many of their members being held are not being given medical care and that transgender prisoners, especially, have not been allowed to visit with lawyers or make phone calls.

as i type this, the news playing in the background, cnn was showing the arrest of two protesters on bicycle and even the on-the-ground reporter exclaimed “i don’t even know what they did! there doesn’t seem to be a reason for their arrest!” these are scary, angry times here. below is information on who you can call, what you can do to help per an email that’s been circulating amongst groups and folks who believe in the right to protest and who oppose this kind of horrendous treatment of others. even if you’re not in the minneapolis/st. paul area, you can still call and demand their release.

from the email:

Please call the following offices and continue calling until all arrestees have been released:

St. Paul Mayor – Chris Coleman (651.
Head of Ramsey County Jail – Capt. Ryan O’
Neil (651.266-9350 ext 1)
Ramsey County Sheriff – Bob Fletcher (651.
County Chief Judge Gearin (651.

Demand the following:
– Immediate medical attention as needed for ALL arrestees;
– That the prisoners who haven’t given their names (Jane & John Does and Jesse Sparkles) have access to
group meetings with a lawyer in jail;
– Dismissal of all charges;
– Release of all minors; and
– Ensure trans prisoners have access to phone and attorneys, and are held in gendered facility of their

Money is needed to help cover legal costs and get people out of jail. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciate
d.To donate by Pay Pal visit https://coldsnaplegal. wordpress.com and click on the donate button.

For more details and up-to-date information about jail conditions and prisoner status, please see: