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that was quite a hiatus.
January 30, 2009, 5:27 pm
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i can’t believe it, but it’s been over a month since i’ve even logged into wordpress let alone wrote a post. can you believe i had to sit for a second and remind myself of my password before i typed it? just this afternoon i was lamenting how i missed blogging and how it wasn’t that i hadn’t wanted to blog while i was on vacation traveling the east coast seeing friends and family between the semesters or since i’d been back in minneapolis, i just hadn’t found the impetus to get me going again. surely i could’ve found something to write about. after all, there are holidays to be discussed, drama to unfold, world happenings to lament or celebrate (hi there, mister president!). but before i knew it, there was a syllabus to write and a class to attend and a suitcase to still only halfway unpack. i hate that life has kept me away so long.

there is, at the same time, so much to say and not much to say at all. for now, i’m just gong to keep this short and say hi, friends. i’ve missed you. i’ll be back to blogging now (with babeland reviews to boot!).

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missed you!! welcome back!

Comment by Laura Luna

hey, nice to see you!

Comment by freedomgirl

ok ok, i’ll submit something! as soon as you start updating regularly again! and duh, come to portland and i will take you out for MAJOR FEASTS.

Comment by givemespacetorock

I’m glad you took the break you needed, but it’s wonderful to have you back. It was a delight to see your avatar (and read your comments) on my blog today!


Comment by sublimefemme

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