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pittsburgh sweet.
October 11, 2008, 9:32 am
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it’s almost something sacred. the word “you,” when you speak it in reference to me. it is one word in a sentence made of many others, but it’s the only one that hangs on your tongue like the way honey drags down the length of a spoon – slow and thick at first and then rushed and ribboned towards the end. my punched down, plumped up heart doesn’t care about the sentiments or about the words that surround this mention of me in your mouth. i am focused only on the way it feels to be cradled by your lips like that; attention paid only to the feel of your breath grazing when you exhale me.

this is about absence. the kind that causes me to rock away grief. because sitting still with it is just too great an ache.

i am responsible for near tidal waves.

when we were a part of one another still, i noticed not the way you held me in your mouth – pulled me in, pushed me out – but more the sound. the gravel of your generations-deep, southwestern pennsylvania, coal miner family accent and the way it snuck out between the cracks of a crooked smile passed down from a grandmother every bit as pretty then as you are handsome today.

my concentration on the way you spoke me, the way you still sometimes do when i let my guard down a little too early, is about the ways i loved you. i wonder now if something as simple as how you wore your lips when you grinned – practically a right angle instead of a more even, upwards bevel – should have been a sign of the unpredictability of you.


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Oh… so wonderful to read writing like this. Paragraphs 4 and 5 especially paint such a clear picture. Really lovely, thank you for sharing.

thanks for the nice comments and for adding me to your blog roll. i’ve oh-so-gladly returned the favor. see? down there to the left? xo!-hr

Comment by kyle

You are a fantastic writer, and a welcome addition to my blogroll!

jessie, thanks for the kind comments. i actually just read your blog for the first time last night through kyle’s blog. i am more than happy to return the blogroll addition favor. can’t wait to read more from you! xoxo-hussy red

Comment by Jessie

Yes, I did see you added me to your Blogroll, darlin, thank you very much. I’m having a lot of fun reading your posts.. I’m almost back to the present. You have definitely become one of my ‘must reads’

Comment by Kyle

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