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a fall aesthetic.
October 10, 2008, 8:34 am
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fall has always been my favorite time of year and it’s no doubt for many of the same reasons as the rest of y’all: cooler weather, the change in foliage (if you live somewhere where this happens), and of course the transition to a different and, in my case, better wardrobe. for years my summer wardrobe was a sorry excuse for clothing and i’m sure that was in relationship to where i was in my head as far as body image. i grew up with a pretty fat positive mom, but still one who enforced some sort of “sleeve at all times, on all shirts” rule that i later tossed out as being total bullshit. my summer clothes have evolved into something i no longer dread, including skirts i’ve sewed myself in recent years and new and thrifted dresses. oh, and tank tops. and tube tops. lots of them. behold! a fat person with fat arms! gasp! how unusual!

but fall? fall is my joint. say it with me: sweater weather…mmm. and this is ironic because i’m not huge into sweaters. going to class and teaching in colleges and universities, as well as several office buildings in between when i lived in d.c., made me a fan of layering: cute camisoles, light sweaters, carrrrdigans (drool), and shrugs. jeans, of course too, pencil skirts, dresses, but with tights. this season, because i’m hopelessly flawed in keeping tights for long without running them? black ribbed ones, deep purple, turquoise, and gray! fall equals jewel tones after all, no? oh, and scarves! fall is scarf weather and thanks to a grandma with fast crocheting fingers, i am a queen to many lovely, homemade ones. my favorite is made of a deep red wool that is of the same skeins my grandmother knit my baby blanket.

oh, fall aesthetic! you are, of course, not just for the femmes either. the butches and bois, the transmasculine folk, this is button-down shirt and sweater weather. argyle sweaters. wide striped sweaters. sweater vests. tweed pants. boots. plaid wool scarves. swoon! the fun of thrifting with a butch for a fall wardrobe. or merely just observing their dashingness from across the street…with a wink!

fall, it’s about time you got here. last night, you had me dreaming of houndstooth and herringbone.

i took this picture in northampton, ma two weeks ago. the trees there are already so stunning. my foot? maybe not quite as much!


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This post made me smile, its true fall has the best fashion.Its all warm and cozy. I miss being in dc in the fall.

d.c. has a lovely fall. it was one of the few things i found redeeming about living there. i’m so glad you made your way over here. i love your blog and fwding items and ideas to friends and such. xo-hussy red

Comment by Michelle

let’s not forget corduroy.

i also am completely romantic about fall. it’s the absolutely most amazing time of the year.

gasp! i forgot about corduroy. corduroy is *so fall*. thank you, miss mej! xoxo.

Comment by Mej

oooh, toe cleavage… makes my tongue twitch πŸ˜‰

cute! also, how much do i love the tag line of your blog? were we really having all the fun without you guys? glad you joined us! xoxo-hussy red

Comment by Kyle

I ❀ fall too!
Everything about it…
*contented sigh*

…And I agree with Kyle, very cute toe-cleavage indeed.
& I like the little zipper detail on your shoe too!


thank you! i was searching all over for an interesting pair of navy flats and just found these when i was back east. the zippers make me happy. xoxo-hussy red

Comment by Victoria (thatfemmegirl)

as to my tagline, it’s a reference to something I heard from a couple of other butches on the web, that it seemed we were a bit outnumbered. Now, most of the time, I don’t mind being outnumbered by femmes, but it did seem we could stand a bit more representation. Besides, you girls do seem to like it a bit, am I wrong?

hardly! what butch-loving femme is going to complain about the new, emerging on-screen antics of a whole pack of handsome types? not me. never.

Comment by kyle

Hiya. Have been lurking for a while and like what you have to say and the way that you say it. Fancy saying some more? You’ve been tagged! Pop over to mine for more info. QRx
PS I do hope it’s not rude to tag on a first comment!

not rude at all! thanks for tagging me. i’ll see to it immediately πŸ˜‰ xoxo-hussy red

Comment by QueerRose

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