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big apple red.
September 5, 2008, 11:29 am
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you were laying back on my couch, that carefree way you do when you’re relaxed, at home, contentedly in the presence of so much girl. your arms were behind your head, ankles crossed, your bare feet on top of my lap. i was polishing my nails a second coat of “big apple red” between loving threats – you, to smudge the color on my wobbly left hand and me, warning that i would not hesitate to paint your toes in retaliation.

we’ve sat like this fifty times now you and i, but tonight you finally asked: “why that color always?” it wasn’t criticism, but genuine inquiry. i know i smiled and you detected it, but all i could do was shrug and murmur something about matching lipstick before trailing off.

do you want to know the truth? those prior forty-nine times i’d waited for you to ask. i had it planned in my head, the blush of your cheeks, when i’d tell you oh-so-sweetly and truthfully that it was nothing more than my love of contrasting colors: the bold, bossy red of my fingernails zigzagging through the black-as-night hairs that cover your scalp when you’re hovering above me, my hands – at least for that moment – free.


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What a lovely vignette, and what a pleasure to see this more creative/literary side of your writing. I’d love to read more posts like this from you. Great title, too.

I’m impressed that you have a signature nail color!

xo SF

Comment by sublimefemme

From one fat queer to another… love the blog!


hey tpq, i’m *such a fan* of your blog too! i’ve been reading it for a month or two now and it’s one my absolute favorites. xoxo-hussy red

Comment by trailerparkqueer

I absolutely loved this post. Brilliantly written and so raw. Loved it.

Comment by The Butterfly Temptr

[…] your favorite nail color? (We already know that hussyred’s fave is Big Apple Red.) If nail color is not your thing, do you have another signature accessory that’s been the […]

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