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the plural of haiku is … haiku.
August 7, 2008, 9:46 pm
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haiku about strap-ons. because they’re fun, it’s friday, and why not?

you: new to strap-ons
me: so not interested
bruised cervix? no thanks!

jersey femmes bring it
lipstick perfect, hair teased right,
nails that match your dick.

harness in your drawer:
two-strap, white leather, studded
makes this girl say “ohh!”


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Comment by Laura Luna

ooh, ooh, I wanna try

jeans stretching over
cocky swagger on approach
would you say, yes sir?

i would say, “yes, sir. that’s very well done!” also, so long as you’re reading this entire blog (which i’m both flattered and impressed by), if you want the password for the protected posts, shoot me an email. you think that one post hit you in the sternum? you should read “a colossal fight,” which details further bullshit from the person who inspired that gut-wrenching piece about “leaving.” you butches are so dangerous sometimes!

Comment by kyle

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